We want to hear from small independent food producers around the UK who make gorgeous things. 

Please get in touch with us at and tell us all about yourself. 

How we support our wonderful suppliers

Marketing can be an expensive time consuming business. That's why we are committed to supporting our suppliers in any way we can. 

We go out of our way to tell our customers about your products and your stories. We provide links back to your social media communities and do everything we can to build bridges between our food loving customers and your brands. 

So as we build our customer base you do too.

The wonderful suppliers whose products grace the shelves in our Brixton store


Coco Chocolatiers - Edinburgh based chocolate house that does magical things with exotic flavours

Chocolates by Eloise - Superb bars of chocolate made by Emma and her team from south London.

Urban Village Chocolates - Beautiful bars and bags of chocs made by a husband and wife team in St Margarets, London

Champion and Reeves - Shrewsbury based maker of traditional English confectionary

Solkiki - The highest quality bars of chocolate made by the legendary Bob. Winner of a bucketload of awards

Clarence and Bean - Devon based firm making yummy bars and awesome fudge

Single Variety - makers of wonderful savoury and sweet jams from South London

Great Glen Charcuterie - Possibly the greatest venison salami ever made

The Toffee Shop, Penrith - Without question the makers of the finest fudge in the known universe

Matt & Ben's Proper Fudge - Fudge done properly. From Wales. 

Preserves and Spreads

Cloudberry Bakery - One subscriber actually had a religious experience trying their sea salted caramel sauce

Butter Nut of London - Like Nutella for grown-ups only much much more yummy. Vegan.

Single Variety - Cracking jams and preserves made by Nicola in her kitchen in Wimbledon, London

The Pickled Village - Jams, marmalades and relishes with a hint of hotness. Toast's best friend. 

Jackpot Peanut Butter - Double roasted for double the yummy. No sugar. 

Dylan's - Makers of gorgeous strawberry jam and mind blowing salted butterscotch sauce

Savoury things

Wiltshire Chilli Farm - They farm chillis and make fab sauces to heat up your supper.

The Chilli Pig - Based in East London, part of their profits go to supporting an HIV charity. 

Charlie & Ivy's - Yorkshire farmer and his team that make exquisite dipping sauces.

The Sauce Shop - Nottingham based maker of a wide range of sauces and ketchups. Every dinner table should have one. 

From Dorset with Love - Amazing dressings from a company in, eh, Dorset. 

The Little Herb Farm - Award winning fruity vinegars - give your salad a chance! 

The Greek Olive Company - Superb juicy olives, if you are one of the half of the population that actually likes olives. 

Wilding Snacks - Wiltshire start-up that has worked out how to put duck crackling in packets!

The Snaffling Pig - Awesome and fun bunch making pork scratchings good enough to straighten your tail. 

Billy Franks - The boozy bacon jam is beyond words! The jerky is the best out there as well. 

Soft Drinks

The Soda Folk - A small UK company that is doing American style sodas better than the Americans!

Nix & Kix - Makers of supremely tasty soft drinks with a hint of cayenne pepper. Goes well with a gin (a friend tells us).

Harry & Parker - Their strawberry and elderflower mix should be put on a pedestal and worshipped! 

Momo Kombucha - One of our favourite suppliers. Josh Puddle founded Momo last year and Guzzl was his first ever stockist. Based in Herne Hill, Momo is the king of kombuchas. 

Nonsuch  - Ready to drink shrubs are utterly refreshing, low sugar and made with apple cider vinegar, so incredibly good for you as well. We suspect they make wonderful mixers, but not tested this theory yet. 

Fermented Foods

Jarr - East London based maker of delicious kombucha. Your stomach bacteria will love you for it. 

Bottlebrush Ferments - Ben and his team make sauerkraut to die for. Really.