Sipello, Bittersweet Aperitif

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Sipello is produced using British fruit and ingredients married to sustainably sourced botanicals from around the world. We úse wild harvested ingredients where they exist because by definition, these are natural ingredients grown in the wild that are handpicked from a native ecosystem. Meaning they retain their purist natural flavour, largely uninterferred with directly by human influence or interventions. The wild harvested ingredients we use are handpicked to ensure the sustainability of the wild areas from where they are sourced.
Organic ingredients are also a key pillar of Sipello's flavour make up as organic ingredients lend our drink the cleanest taste of the botanical ingredients we use - free of any nasties. Not all our wild harvested ingredients can be certified as organic however. Some can't achieve official certification despite being grown organically because there's no guarantee that there hasn't been any drift from nearby fields or farms. We source ingredients that are ethical and not price led with provenance, traceability and a fair price equalling a fair wage at the heart of our sourcing.
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