Kinahan's The KASC PROJECT M.001 Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Kinahan's The KASC PROJECT M.001 Single Malt Irish Whiskey - Guzzl

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Single Malt 45% ABV


The Kasc Project [M] is the world's first Hybrid Cask Single Malt Irish whiskey. An extension to our unique and popular Hybrid Cask Whiskey collection and a continuation of our journey into the new and previously unknown ways of whiskey making, using unusual and bespoke casks.

Tasting Notes:
NOSE: Freshly cut mango & pineapple, poached spiced pear, molasses with a hint of vanilla oak.
PALATE: Charred apricot, caramelized tropical fruits, sweet sun-dried Malvasia grapes and espresso burnt sugar.
FINISH: Madeira cake, more pineapple and toasted cereal with pleasant creamy tannins.
COLOUR: Deep brown colour, typically expected from a very old whiskey.
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