Pinches Salts- Glass Jar

Pinches Salts- Glass Jar - Guzzl

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- Chilli Salt

- Garlic Salt

- Porcini Salt

- Lemon Salt

The jars contain 50g of  salt and are clear glass, with a gold lid. Height 46.8mm, 52mm diameter.

Our garlic salt naturally has a tendency to stick together a bit due to the little bit of moisture the dried garlic retains. Just give it a shake or a gentle bash and it'll be back to normal!

Our salts are made by carefully blending and balancing sea salt crystals with natural ingredients. Each of our different flavours are capable of lifting and enhancing your dishes whether you're cooking up something fancy or just making avo on toast! Our little jars are great to have on the go, too - going to the seaside? Take a chilli salt to sprinkle on your chip shop chips! Using a little Pinches salt is a simple but effective way to experiment with your food.

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