Pinot Noir Long Barn 2020 13%

Pinot Noir Long Barn 2020 13% - Guzzl

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The state of California is by far the most important producer of wine in the USA. Its grape growers succeed in many differing environments up and down the state from the fog influenced coastal valleys of Sonoma, Napa and Carneros, to the hot irrigated Central Valley and Monterey, Santa Barbera and Edna Valley on the Pacific coast and to Themecula on the Mexican boarder.


Fior di Sole – “Flower of the sun” – is a family-owned and operated wine company. Their state of the art winery and botling facility is located in the heart of Napa Valley, producing exceptional quality wines throughout California but mostly from Napa Valley, Sonoma and North Coast.
Tasting Notes
From California, this Long Barn Pinot Noir is a pale ruby red in colour with a soft nose of red cherries. On the palate, notes of bramble fruit and cherries combine with a subtle sweet spice character and a fresh acidity. Well structured with soft tannins and a silky mouthfeel, the fresh fruit flavours linger on the palate.
Enjoy alongside roasted chicken or pork.
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